How the Coutale Puncher works

Under the influence of alcoholic fermentation in red wines, everyone knows that the marc layer is compact and floats on the tank’s surface. It is estimated that only 20% of it is in direct contact with the grape must.


Only a mechanical action can deconstruct the solids in the tank. With regular punching done with the puncher, 80% of the grape skins are in direct contact and immersion in the wine. All studies show that this punching technique allows to obtain a richer and more structured wine, and a significant increase in fat, roundness and volume, a result that every wine grower is tending to achieve.


Thanks to a pneumatic jack, and to variable adjustment arms, the Coutale puncher can deconstruct within a few minutes, 100% of the tank volume.

The benefits of the Coutale Puncher

Thanks to a patented system, the Coutale puncher is the only one in the world able to adapt to all sorts of tanks.


It weighs only 45 kg.


A 50 cm opening is enough to allow its installation in the tank.


It can open out in the tank reaching 3 metres wide.


Its pneumatic jack punches 100 % through a marc layer of 1.20 metre thick.


Only 8 bar air pressure is sufficient for to operate.


It has a 3 years guarantee and does not need any maintenance.

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